The Attack of the Tongues

The Attack of the Tongues.

Before the attack, us humans were simple, uncomplex beings. A selfless race with no emotions. When the tongues dropped down to earth and infested themselves into our bodies, they started to control us humans by connecting inside our mouths. They controlled the brain by releasing false feelings that we call emotions, taste and feeling. These newfound feelings waged war amongst the humans as negative feelings would cause us to respond with jealousy, anger and hatred.

After much studying, we found that the tongues used their natural chemicals to give us euphoric feeling of taste and emotion. Emotions and feelings that us humans could not create ourselves. Before the attack, we were practically immortal. Falling down would not hurt us, we did not form cuts or bruises. The tongues started to cause us to feel something painful when we fell down, scraped our knee or stubbed our toe. This caused our bones to break, cuts to form and blood to drip.

The leader tongue would laugh because he was an evil tongue.

Leader tongue liked to manipulate mass populations of species to do his bidding. If he wanted them to destroy themselves with war, he would have the other tongues release fear and anger into the species. If he wanted them to destroy themselves from jealousy, he would have the tongues release love and paranoia into the species. On earth, the leader tongue was using the planet as a guinea pig to see how long he could manipulate one species and live through them. Then, leader tongue would expand to multiple planets.

Some tongues were nice to their humans. The working-class tongues were as smart as leader tongue. They knew that there was nothing wrong with the humans and that they didn’t deserve to be destroyed. Some tongues grew niceness to their host – while other tongues didn’t see a point in being nice to their human. These tongues were not nice or mean – they lacked interest. These disinterested tongues would often nap because they loved the warmth and didn’t bother to pay attention.

The tongues worked separately but together. After a while, there became too many people and too many tongues. Leader tongue grew tired of keeping track of each tongue and which chemicals to give to the humans. This caused leader tongue to take a long, long, long nap.

The tongues began to live their lives with the human they were attached to. Enjoying but forgetting their original plot here. They learned to work with the humans and counterbalanced the chemicals they naturally gave off. The humans were still vaguely susceptible to the tongues natural chemicals which is why we get angry in traffic or get annoyed when our coworker is slacking off – but the tongues would provide something that they created on their own after leader tongue fell asleep for a long, long, long time. They provided calm, and the tongues would give this to their human in times of struggle and stress because the tongues had grown happy with the humans. They appreciated a warm home.

We are now in a time of peace, as leader tongue still sleeps. Heed this warning to take good care of your tongue – feed your tongue well, keep them warm, cozy and hydrated to conserve the bondage. This will be our protection against leader tongue and its future attacks.

One thought on “The Attack of the Tongues

  1. Awesome!
    The tongue speaks very powerfully
    Yet they can deceive if they want to
    Oh the most had done in the history


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